Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA)
New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)

New Teacher Induction Program

Are you a newly hired teacher in Ontario? The Ministry of Education's New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) is mandatory for all teachers who are new to Ontario's publicly funded schools and who are hired for the first time to permanent teaching positions (either full or part time), and Long Term Occasional Teachers (LTOs) who are in their first long-term assignment of 97 days or more. All new teachers must participate and successfully complete the program. NTIP is tied into the Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) process, which must be successfully completed twice in the first 12 months of teaching, or in an extended time if required. New teachers must successfully complete the following four parts of the program:
1. Orientation at the board and school levels
2. Professional development and training
3. Mentoring by an experienced teacher
4. Two TPAs during the first 12 months of teaching, or longer if required.

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If you need help with the process or are concerned about an evaluation, talk to the Association representative in your school or contact your local unit office.

Teacher Performance Appraisal

TPA for Experienced Teachers All teachers who have completed the NTIP, or who held permanent positions in Ontario’s publicly funded schools prior to the NTIP’s implementation in September 2006, as well as temporary teachers (those teaching on a Letter of Permission), are considered “experienced” teachers for the purposes of the TPA.vUnder the TPA, an experienced teacher must:
1. Participate in one performance appraisal every five years.
2. Actively participate in all meetings and observations related to his or her performance appraisal.
3. Sign the summative report to acknowledge receipt (may add comments if desired).
4. Participate in any additional appraisals requested by the principal during or outside the regular appraisal cycle, as long as they comply with legislated requirements.
5. Collaborate annually with the principal to review and update his or her Annual Learning Plan (ALP).
6. Upon request, meet with the principal to discuss his or her ALP in the years between appraisals. An experienced teacher may also request a meeting with the principal to discuss the ALP.
In addition, experienced teachers who receive an Unsatisfactory rating must:
1. Upon the principal’s request, meet with the principal to discuss the performance appraisal after receiving a copy of the summative report.
2. Participate in additional appraisals as required.
3.Provide input on the steps and actions they should take to improve their performance.